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If youíre thinking about buying a foreclosed home simply based on the up front savings, there are some things you should know.
                    A BRAND NEW BELLATOR HOME
                                          A foreclosed home

A brand new Bellator Home:                    A typical foreclosure:

You and your family are the firsts            Previous owners often the sabotage
to move into the home                            the home by sabotaging the plumbing,
                                                              electrical wiring, pet feces, etc., sometimes
                                                                                                        in ways that will only be known after you
                                                              move in

Comes complete with no added               Often, there are costly repairs which have to
costs.  The total cost of the home is         come out of pocket and cannot be rolled into
wrapped into your mortgage                     your mortgage

Fully warranted by a company which        Nobody stands behind the work.  Much less
will service its product and be there          the bank.  You are on your own.  AS IS
for you                                                    means just that

Brand new fully warranted appliances       Appliances often stolen, damaged or filthy
you may choose

Brand new jewel of the neighborhood      
Often the eyesore of the neighborhood

Ready for you and your family                 May have to evict previous owner
to move in

We are a family-owned company which    
No reputation.  Youíre buying from
has been building new homes in the           
someone you donít know and who
Phoenix metro area since 1979 with a        
could not care less about what they
reputation for long-term quality and           
are selling you

You home is under warranty and we          
Repairs can be costly and time consuming
will handle all small repairs
immediately.  You have better things
to do with your time

Our homes come with clean titles              
Possible liens/or judgements waiting for you

No health hazards                                     Health hazards could include mold, pet
                                                                dander, bug infestation or worse

Make all state mandated disclosures           Foreclosures can be exempt from state
                                                                disclosure laws

-----These are but a few differences between a brand new, fully warranted home
and an often neglected and abused foreclosed home.  Your home is a big investment.  Donít be short sighted in your decision making process.  If you do decide ultimately to buy a foreclosed home, be very careful to inspect every detail of the home as much as possible.  If possible have a professional look it over, and if you have any doubts move on to your next alternative.  Donít gamble with your future.

                                                                                              Joe Nicolia
                                                                                        Bellator Homes LLC
Bellator Homes is family owned and operated.  We have been building new homes in Arizona since 1979.  We pride ourselves in the quality of construction, attention to detail, and high-level of customer service and satisfaction that comes with every home we build.
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Certificate of Safety
We can close on our Bellator Home
quickly without complications
Complicated foreclosure process can take